Pair Percussion Pocket Pistols in Case

2600 €*

Detachable round barrels with keyways at muzzle. Finely engraved with arabesques steel box system, retractable folding trigger. Cocks at side, rear sight. Pistol knob with box for primer. Polished ebony handles. Matching numbered pair. Leather covered box, lined with suede. Powder bottle with adjustable powder chute of known manufacturer Boche et Aubin, Paris. With antique warrior sharply marked. matching numbered bullet mold with barrel and nipple key. Two corner compartments with lids. Fold carrying handle and owner’s initials on the lid. Outside leather with smaller signs of age, interior very good condition. Length of 17 cm guns, size of the box 24 cm x 16 cm.

Product code: 12740

Country/region: Belgien

Year: ca. 1840

Caliber: 14,5 mm

Rechtliche Informationen

From the age of 18 up

From the age of 18 up

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