Flintlock Gun France M 1777

1.650 €*
Octagonal breech, on a rounded barrel. Breech stamped B 1814. Slid-on brass front ring. Lock signed Manuf.Roy de St.Etienne. Usual brass fittings with approvals. Walnut stock with cheek, stamped PLOTOI. Round barrel stamp with French marks. The infantry rifle was shortened, the races removed, the ring spring slots bulged out and a ramrod guide attached. Length 99 cm. An old sticker on the end of the barrel confirms the war effort. Label in old German script: French rifle from 1809 took part in the battle of Abendsberg. Confirmed by the Museum in Linz 12. Fb. 1928. (Battle of Abendsberg on April 19/20, 1809 between Archduke Karl of Austria and Emperor Napoleon).

Product code: 15160

Caliber: 18,6 mm

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From the age of 18 up

From the age of 18 up

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