Sharp Shooters Gun Hessian Mod. a.n. 1845 Sample Model

5.400 €*
Conical round barrel with octagonal chamber, inserted sights with a fixed and an additional rear sight. Bright with four deep, sharp grooves, brownish-blue burnished surface. Case hardened, flat lock plate signed Greiss Frankfurt. Foldable, spring-loaded piston safety . Hammer in typical Württemberg form. Trigger with finely adjustable French set trigger. Trigger guard, center ring and front ring made of brass, with an iron double ring in between as in the French Guard rifles. Field measure 17.0 mm, draw measure 18.4 mm. Length 142.5cm. Almost untouched original condition apart from two minimal pressure points on the stock. Very good function. It is an extremely rare Hessian rifle. On March 28, 1846, the Frankfurt gunsmith Greiss signed a contract with the line military for the maintenance of 700 percussion rifles for 501 guilders, 40 groschen per year. He had been a member of the Frankfurt municipal army since 1827. He probably developed this rifle for precise shooting. It was probably not accepted for cost reasons. See Udo Vollmer “German military handguns” issue 4, p. 98,99, plate 24 in the appendix, where exactly this rifle was described.

Product code: 13715

Caliber: 18 mm (.72)

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From the age of 18 up

From the age of 18 up

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