Karabiner M 1870 Österreich/Serbien

2.900 €*

System Roberts. Octagonal on round turning barrel. Chamber stamped with Serbian coat of arms and acceptance J with crown. Spring-loaded folding visor scales 400 to 900 steps. System box made of bronze with a long opening lever for the falling block lock. Reinforced on the front with steel push floor. Lock plate with double eagle 860 (for 1860) and Serbian coat of arms. Book stock. Length 108 cm. SN: 12550. 4-fold barrel with sharp moves, somewhat matt. Stock with signs of wear, otherwise very good condition and function. The Serbian government decided in 1869 to convert Austrian Lorenz rifles to the S.Roberts breech loading system as a temporary solution. The conversion was carried out in the Belgrade fortress by the Austrian manufacturer Thomas Sederl. Rifles with steel systems rarely appear, carbines with bronze systems are completely unknown. Possibly an experimental sample.

Product code: 15162

Caliber: 13,9 mm Wänzel

Rechtliche Informationen

Acquisition-licence needed

Acquisition-licence needed

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