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The contribution of Nuremberg to the military revolution of the early modern era. In a top-rated, two-volume and correspondingly comprehensive Bochum dissertation of 2015 in the field of economic and technical history, the significance of Nuremberg as a center for military handgun development is clearly emphasized for the first time. It is based on many years of research, which are based on font and image sources and at the same time the basic, but often out of print and in the libraries no longer found subject literature. In addition, a wealth of rare, mostly little or completely unknown objects in word and picture appears. The old Nuremberg as a center of metalworking is well known in the research, less well-known, however, is the now visible development of military small arms of all kinds and the strategically important supply of emperors, princes and conflict parties, because of Nuremberg important technical innovations such as the wheel lock and significantly contributed to the emergence of the new gunsmithing industry. For the first time, the history of technology, craft, military and imperial history, including the history of Nuremberg, are systematically bundled and presented. The work is supplemented with 596 mostly colored illustrations, 24 supplements, 36 tables and a detailed place and personal index. For more information about the publisher, see the link below. Please also order there directly. http://www.adeva.com/produkt_detail.asp?id=808

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