Student fencing set, German, 19th century

420 €*

Set consists of a helmet and drumstick sword. Epee blade with broad fluting, rounded tip. Root stamped Weyersberg and Co., Solingen. Iron basket vessel with round clasps, forged knots. Wooden handle with multi-level cord covering, leather lanyard. Pigskin covered bottom with black ink marking Wetzel, Albert. Total length 104 cm, blade length 86 cm. Patinated with impact marks, grip winding in very good condition. Face protection with strong, internal iron reinforcement, front braided iron wire visor. Back of the head made of sturdy leather with punched ventilation openings. Height 26cm. Leather with age damage, iron parts in very good condition, patinated. Provenance: Stadtmuseum Tettnang Bodensee.

Product code: 17427

Rechtliche Informationen

From the age of 18 up

From the age of 18 up

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