Infantry Officer Saber Baden M 1856 109er

1.450 €*

Fluted saber wedge blade with fine trophy etching and Baden coat of arms. Root stamped with king’s head mark and W.K.C. (Weyersberg, Kirschbaum Solingen). Wooden handle with a fine checkering coating and triple twisted silver wire winding. Applied, red-enameled, silver 109 star. Nickel-plated handle with double thong slit. Blued steel scabbard with a profiled curved mouth plate and a ring band with a movable ring, tug. Total length 98 cm, blade length 84 cm, width 24.5 mm, thickness 6.7 mm. Blade in excellent condition, nickel plating, hilt with minimal nickel damage, scabbard right side small dent, patinated in places, partly original blue. Prov. Kube 2002

Product code: 16369

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From the age of 18 up

From the age of 18 up

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