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Lionshead Sabre Netherlands about 1870

Polished steel blade, Yzerhouwer (Eisenhauer) etched in a writing cartridge. […]

Saddleringcarbine USA Sharps New Model 1863

Conical round barrel stamped Sharps Rifle Manufg Co Hardtford. Conn. […]

Military Huntinghanger maybe Prussia beginning19th Cent.

Straight, single-edged blade with a wide fuller. Etched owner monogram […]

Kindjal Caucasus Mid19th. Cent.

Multiple fluted double-edged blade, damask structure. Round master’s mark stamped […]

Money Box Germany about 1580

Oak wooden body with hinged lid and slot for inserting […]

Kindjal Caucasus End of 19. Century

Blade with 4-fold flooding, finely engraved silver cuff, niello inlays, […]


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