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Hussar carbine M 1798 Austria

Flintlock with hook lock, brass pan, brass fittings. Long riding […]

Cavalry carabiner M 1851 system Augustin

Conical barrel with saddle grain, breech plug with rear sight, […]

Long Knife Afghanistan

Wedge blade with a wide back bridge. Iron grip clamp […]

Lefaucheux Revolver Liege about 1870

Octagonal chamber with floral engraving and stamped V.Colette, couch. Floral […]

Powderhorn German about 1700

Flat horn body engraved on both sides with hunting scenes, […]

Pair Luxury Pinfire Pistols Barella, Berlin

Octagonal, flooded barrels, chamber inlaid with gold “cast steel barrel” […]


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27. December 2019

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